Stakeholders Interaction Session

Kathmandu, 24 January 2017.

For the effective implementation of Bagmati Beautification work and other field based activities in close consultation with local community people, Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project (BRBIP) organized an interaction with concerned stakeholders.

Secretary from Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), Dipendra Nath Sharma Chaired the important session which was attended by project team and 40 community people representing various clusters of the project area.

PrabhaPokhrel, Team Leader of Solid Waste and Social Mobilization (Pkg 3) welcomed the guest and participants and highlighted the objectives of the meeting. She further shared the objectives of community meeting; to address the concern of the community that the plants/saplings planted by local primary stakeholders were not taken into much serious consideration by the construction team.

Deputy team leader of PMDSC Umesh Parajulipresented regarding the beautification related activities. He explained about the design & different works to be carried out including construction of river corridor walls, parks, cycle lane, foot-path, mourning house etc. He also shared that the project has already instructed the contractor to carry out the construction works carefully to minimize the damage in plants, planted by local community during Bagmati Cleaning Campaign.

The presentation was followed by interactions with locals where local people expressed their questions, concerns and comments about project activities. They expressed satisfaction over the commencement of project for the improvement of the river basin. UtamPusasaini, Ram Hari Shrestha, Aasha Pandey, Pema Chhiri Sherpa, JanardanKhadka, Batu Krishna Dhungel, GovindaDhungel, Ram Krishna Baral and Chakra Bahadur Shrestha spoke on different aspects of BRBIP project. They have raised the issues related to the transparency of agreements active participation, communicative hoarding boards, local employment prospects,security of plants, demanded the construction of police station, latrines and more mourning houses in river stretches.

Rajesh Prasad Singh, Project Director of BRBIP responded the queries and comments of the stakeholders. He expressed his commitment that the project will closely work with local communities and the issues of the concern community will be addressed as much as possible.

Addressing the gathering, Secretary of MoUD, Dipendra Nath Sharma explained the plan of the ministry for the improvement of Bagmati river basin. He instructed project team to closely work with local and seek solution of the issues raised by locals. He also urged with locals to identify land for the construction of police station and mourning house in river corridor. "We need land to construct the infrastructures such as toilets so I urge to work closely to identify the potential location," he said. The locals were informed by the project team that the construction team will take care of the plants and will pay special attention while beautifying the corridor. The contractor clarified about the absence of sub-contracting clause in their contract.